From snacking to sleeping to lemon juice, it seems like everything is supposed to 'jumpstart your metabolism.' So what's real?

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From the research, to the weight loss, to safety and diet- here's a quick snapshot on the deal with low-calorie sweeteners. Read what the experts have to say about low-calorie sweeteners.  
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Biotech foods ('GMOs') are safe. Period. That may seem like a bold statement, but it comes with the weight of a huge body of research and global consensus among preeminent health organizations. To understand the safety of food biotech, it helps to look at the numbers. There are thousands of studies...
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If you’re trying to achieve optimal athletic performance, your training program alone might not cut it. Nutrition is a critical part of any exercise program and is a healthy way to improve your performance without any harmful side effects. It’s not just professional athletes who benefit from an...
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This week, with the release of Soda Politics, the Food Insight team consulted our e-readers. ‘Soda’ is one of those words that can be very divisive among dietitians, like those on the Food Insight team, and nutrition enthusiasts, like myself. In the interest of setting the stage, let’s start with...