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Another reason to love packaged foods? Their shelf life and convenience. Packaged foods provide easy, healthy, grab-and-go options for those who don't have time to cook. And their long shelf life helps to reduce food waste.

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the time for long-stem red roses, dinner reservations at an expensive French restaurant, and the burning desire for love and passion. As you sit down at the restaurant across from your loved one, you make sure to do exactly as a recent article in Cosmopolitan said. You...
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I’m not really one for chocolate (I know, crazy), but every so often I get an intense craving for a chocolate milkshake. Of course, I’m also lactose-intolerant … and lactose-free or dairy-free milkshakes are a bit difficult for me to find. So what’s a girl to do? Make them herself. In a blender, I...
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According to the 2007 World Food Prize Laureate Philip E. Nelson, “If you teach a person how to process [or package] food, you can feed a village.” But how nutritious would the food in this village be? Most of us are aware that packaged foods offer convenience and cost-effective benefits, but are...
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What many people don’t know is that your fitness performance and what you eat are connected. Your diet can have a huge effect on your exercise. Professional athletes have dietitians who develop their menus during the season - every day is planned down to the last detail. Even though we mere mortals...