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Another reason to love packaged foods? Their shelf life and convenience. Packaged foods provide easy, healthy, grab-and-go options for those who don't have time to cook. And their long shelf life helps to reduce food waste.

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By: Jania Matthews Date: 12/24/13 Don't Toss Your Cookies: Twitter Chat Offers Food Safety and Nutrition Insights for the Holidays {C} Recently, the IFIC Foundation along with CDC, FDA, USDA, and HHS hosted a twitter chat (#CDCchat) focusing on food safety and nutrition tips for the holiday...
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By: Liz Sanders, MPH Date: 12/23/2013 From white snowflakes to green Christmas trees, the holiday season is all about color. The same goes for our favorite holiday treats. I can safely say that my holiday season would be a lot duller without bright gumdrops or even the classic candy cane. Food...
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By: Shelley Feist, Executive Director, Partnership for Food Safety Education Date: 12/20/13 BAC®(dangerous foodborne bacteria) sat down with Shelley Feist, Executive Director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education, to talk about his idea of "holiday cheer."     Q:  BAC, it is party time! Lots...
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By: Lauren Wathen, UMD Dietetic Intern Date:12/16/13   The flu season is fully underway, elevating the importance of staying healthy and boosting your immune system. Oranges and Vitamin C are commonly thought of when it comes to staving off the flu. However, there are a variety of other foods that...
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IFIC Statement Today’s opinion by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has once again shown the strong evidence available to support aspartame’s safe use in foods and beverages. In addition to being reaffirmed as safe on numerous occasions by regulatory, health, and scientific authorities...
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By: Lauren Wathen, UMD Dietetic Intern Date:12/9/13 The holidays are a time to enjoy family, friends, and of course, food. Since you'll be having many holiday meals over the next few weeks, they are also a good time to get important health promoting nutrients and components in food that can improve...
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By: Liz Williams, President of the SoFAB Institute Date: 12/4/2013