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By Andy Benson  Date: 8/18/09

BPA is Back!  In 2008, Health Canada made a firm decision to ban the use of bisphenol A in a wide variety of consumer products.  This decision by Health Canada had quite a domino effect, whereby companies such as Walmart, Nalgene and Toys R Us began to offer BPA-free products as a result of fear from just one study.

In late 2008, a group in the USA called the National Toxicology Project (a scientific review board affiliated with the US National Institutes of Health) made headlines when it released a statement saying  that BPA "may" cause some concern as a human health risk.  The statement contradicted positive safety assessments from the US Food and Drug Administration. Needless to say, these announcements caused much confusion, and plenty of consumer concern.

FDA's BPA Review

Following last year's decision to explore the current research available on BPA, US Food and Drug Administration's Science Advisory Board met in August 2009 to discuss next steps in communicating current research and guidance on BPA.  The FDA opened the floor for comments from the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition(CFSAN) and the National Center for Toxicology Research on possible low dose exposure and adverse health effects related to BPA.  FDA plans to review the CFSAN report, provide additional guidance, and "announce procedures to remove BPA" if necessary in November 2009. IF is the operative word in this case... 
Stay tuned for further details as this story may gain traction in the mainstream media.

International BPA Reviews

In a related development regarding the use of BPA in consumer products, the French government (RES - Environment and Health Network), which aligns several NGO's, health professionals, and scientists, decided to propose a ban of the use of BPA that comes into contact with food.  Plans to debate the proposal will likely begin this Fall.>

For additional details, see:

You can also learn more with our BPA Q&A here:

Stay tuned for more details!  The issue of BPA is not going away!  We'll be sure to follow the developments here and you can also find more at


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