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By: Food Insight Blog Contributors Date: 2/1/10

2010 is officially a month old and we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how we're doing on our New Years Resolutions. 


Jennifer Schleman:
Resolution: “In 2010, I plan to reach my healthy eating and fitness goals by tracking not only what and how much I eat but also my physical activity through an online tracking database.”

                  Update: “I have been good about scheduling and tracking my physical activity on my calendar, but I have fallen short on my online meal tracking – something to shoot for in February!”

Kimberly Reed:
Resolution: “My resolution is to incorporate exercise into my life three days a week.”

Update: "Although I haven't joined that gym yet, I am making the active decision to take the long way to my destination when on foot this winter.  I am walking up flights of stairs, parking farther away from a building's entrance or on the other side of the mall from my shopping destination, or walking in the airport while waiting for my flight.  I can feel these simple, added adjustments in my muscles.   And, to reduce my caloric intake, when I am tired after a long day at work that included a lunch at a restaurant, I enjoy a simple bowl (or two!) of cereal at with skim milk for dinner at home."


Liz Rahavi:
Resolution: All right everyone, get your tomatoes ready, my New Year’s resolution is to be more diligent with my physical activity and get back in to running. I know it sounds like a copout to make this my New Year’s resolution considering that: a) its not really a groundbreaking; b) I just ran a marathon in October. However, my physical activity tends to ebb and flow. It can be challenging to accomplish such a big goal and pick up a week later with the same level of determination that it takes to train for a marathon. What I need is a plan. If I don’t know how I’m going to get off my couch and get active, then inactivity wins out. I enjoy breaking a sweat, but with so many options to choose from I often get lost in the decision making process and end up not working out. This is why I like having a plan, and workout goals. Lucky for me, I’m already committed to a ten-miler in the April. I can feel 2010 working for me already, it’s going to be a good year."

Update: "In January, I proclaimed that my New Year’s resolution was to get back in to running and have a workout plan. But, oh how the winter cold makes it so hard run outside! Why can’t New Year’s resolutions start in the spring? Well, despite the snow and frigid air, I have gotten back into a running routine. Although, I will admit that I’m not logging as many miles as I need to. The good news is that I have a half marathon coming up in March and am motivated to start racking up the miles, even on a treadmill. To help me get in condition for my upcoming races I’ve added a few yoga classes into my weekly routine. "

Lindsey Loving:
1.“Sign up for more charity walks/runs and play team sports: As someone who doesn’t really like to work  out, I need a distraction from the fact that I’m working out. Walking for a good cause motivates me, and signing up with a group of friends or coworkers makes the walk or run go by fast. Team sports are also more fun than work for me, so a game of volleyball or softball is a good way to get in a workout while spending time with friends.

2.      Listen better to my food cravings and cues: If my body tells me it wants pasta with meat sauce, even if it’s 7:00 in the morning, there may be a reason, such as maybe I need more iron. Sometimes I find that when I listen to my cravings, I feel better. Same with knowing when to stop eating – my body usually tells me when it’s full, as long as I haven’t waited too long to eat. It’s not a perfect system, though, so if I’m craving seconds of ice cream, my “thinking” self can step in.

3.      Get out during the day: It’s easy to get caught up in the long list of To Dos at work, but taking a break and getting outside in the fresh air helps me re-energize and clear my head, and relieves stress.” 

Update:  #1: "The winter weather has prevented me from doing much on this front, since these events mostly occur in the spring and summer. However, I’ve done some online research on events in my area and I plan on signing up for a couple walks soon.

#2: I have definitely improved on this goal. It’s important not to deprive yourself of the things you love. For me (and many of you, I’m guessing), it’s chocolate. I don’t feel guilty about having some ice cream or chocolate chip cookies for dessert if I’ve made healthful choices throughout the day.

#3: Again, this depends on the weather being dry, but most days I can find 10 minutes to walk around the block. I usually find that, by the time I turn the corner to head back to work, I already feel better."

Kris Sollid:
Resolution:  For me, 2010 represents a fresh start in so many ways. With that in mind, I’ve made three previously unused (by me) New Year’s resolutions. First, (re)learn a new language; Spanish. Segundo, I need more sleep and I plan on getting it; Necesito mas horas de sueno por favor. Finally, unlike years past, I resolve to actually follow thru on my New Year’s resolutions!” 

Update: "I’d love to tell you how on top of things I am, and that just one month into the new year I’m already fluent in Espanol and getting a solid 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, but that’s just not how I roll.  I can be a procrastinator at times, but I prefer to say that “I work more effectively in small increments.”  I have yet to take action on my resolution to re-learn Spanish, but have researched some potential learning tools online.  Anyone have a recommendation for me?  However, I am proud to report that I am receiving more much needed sleep; I’m up to 6.5 hours per night.  As silly as a “bed time” sounds for someone at my age,  setting one has worked for me.  Not only has it improved my time management skills in the evening, but it’s also made me a little less grumpy before my morning coffee.  Both are good things.  "

Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak:
Resolution: “In 2010, I would like to…cook more.  In my evaluation of my food preparation techniques, I have determined that I am really good at “heating things up” vs. actually cooking anything.  As a mother of two boys, one three years old and another just turning one year old on January third and now eating “table food,”  I am feeling the need to cross over to some “real” cooking.  Plus, in about 10 years or so...they will be tween and teenager boys, and I have a feeling that they will both be eating me and my husband out of house and home.  Do you have any favorite family-friendly meal ideas in your rotation?  It does not need to be fancy.  If fact…quick and simple would be great!  Please share your favorites and I will be forever grateful!”  

Update: "I have to say that I am cooking about the same, but I have added some new items to the mix.  Sweet potato fries and an easy meatloaf are new family favorites and have joined the rotation."

Jania Matthews:
Resolution: “I seriously would like to live a more balanced life.  I can never seem to juggle work, an exercise regime, and a nutritious lifestyle-I know I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.” 

Update: "My New Years Resolutions are progressing as I anticipated.  I didn’t expect it to be easy—finding balance with work, exercise, and nutrition; but I’m learning and I’ll continue to put forth the effort.  Like others, I have good weeks and bad weeks, but the great thing is that I’m one month in and I haven’t let this goal fall by the wayside. "

Kerry Robinson:
Resolution: “I’d like to spice up my normal exercise routine by trying out new activities and exercises, such as a new team sport, exercise class, or workout video.  My motivation is my upcoming wedding day!”

Update: "The good news is that one month into the New Year, I’ve made some progress towards achieving my resolutions.  I’ve invested in a few workout videos, which I’m really enjoying because they are high on convenience and require minimal brainpower—perfect for the end of a long work day or a time-crunched morning.  My foray back into team sports was short-lived with an ankle injury, but I hope to be back for the spring soccer season. 

 The cold (even snowy) weather has been somewhat of a barrier for me, since I prefer to exercise outside.  I need to remember to embrace the weather, and get outside every now and again for a long walk—that’s what layers are for!

So, where do I go from here to keep things moving in a positive direction? I think one key will be finding a workout buddy to keep me consistent and accountable as time gets tighter with the added stresses of wedding planning. I also plan to buy a workout magazine or browse a few of my favorite exercise blogs every now and again to get some fresh ideas.  Here’s to spicing up my exercise routine in 2010!"


Eric Mittenthal:
Resolution: “My resolution is to slow down and enjoy my food. I tend to wolf down whatever is in front of me the second it hits the table. I’d like to take time and savor my food more instead of acting like it’s a race to finish it first.”

Update: "I've been very hit or miss with this one so far.  I think overall I've managed to remind myself at most meals that I need to slow it down a bit.  I don't think I've done enough at this point that will lead to me changing my habit, but hopefully with time I'll get there."

So, that's an update on our progress so far.  How are you doing with your New Years resolutions? 


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