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By: Eric Mittenthal   Date: 4/2/10

National Nutrition Month is officially over, but I wanted to highlight some of the great work done by our Registered Dietitians on this blog over the course of the month, and also other bloggers who celebrated the month with their own posts.  As we’ve previously mentioned, this year’s theme was "Nutrition From the Ground Up."  Here at the International Food Information Council Foundation we started the month with a kickoff post featuring the various steps you can take to build your nutritional health from the ground up.  We then dove deeper into each topic with insights from our RDs including: 

 Fishing for Variety
 Focus on Fruits and Veggies
 Escape the Ordinary and Learn to Love the Simple Pleasures in Life and Food
 A Look at Food Sourcing and Building a Healthy Diet
 The Calorie, Small But Fierce

One of our favorite events as part of National Nutrition Month was the Registered Dietitian blogfest on RD Day, March 10th.  This year’s theme was “what would your one nutrition message be?”  As communicators we saw it as an opportunity to not only talk about our tips, but highlight the importance of developing positive nutrition messages with IMPACT.  Our posts covered the gamut of how to develop a nutrition message:

 Can Dietitians Have Real I.M.P.A.C.T?
 The Art of Nutrition Messaging
 A Food Safety Message with IMPACT
 Unintended Consequences of Simple Messaging
 RDs are the Premiere Food & Health Communicators

Included in all the posts are links to other posts from participants in the RD blogfest.  There’s lots of helpful food and nutrition advice and tips in these blogs. I encourage you to check them all out.  Other nutrition focused bloggers throughout the blogosphere wrote posts for National Nutrition Month as well.  Some of the ones that stuck out to me include:

Be sure to check out the American Dietetic Association’s Web site for a nutrition “tip of the day,” detailed information about understanding your weight, the latest ADA food and nutrition information, just to name a few.  We hope the information we provided will have staying power, because it doesn’t have to be National Nutrition Month in order to focus on the importance of nutrition in our lives.  Here at the International Food Information Council Foundation we do it year round and encourage everyone else to do so as well.




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