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By: Lindsey Loving   Date: 4/21/10

With an increasing focus in recent years on nutrition and health has come a greater interest in where our food comes from and how it is produced. And, along with this increased interest have come concerns and misperceptions about the safety and health of our food supply and the food production process, which have been perpetuated in the media and in popular books and movies. 

But, what do food safety, nutrition, and agricultural production experts have to say about food production? You may be surprised to learn that some of the negative information out there about food production is not supported by scientific research or data, and that, according to the experts, food is safer and more accessible now than ever before. In fact, food production has played a major role in improvements in the safety and availability of our food supply.

Here are some common questions we’ve heard regarding different aspects of the farm to table process, including food safety, modern food production, food sourcing, and the business of farming - all of which have an impact on nutrition, health, and the environment – and access to the answers from respected academic experts across the U.S.:

• Food Safety: Why does it seem as though there have been more food safety recalls recently? Is our food safer today than it was 50 years ago? Learn the experts’ answers to these questions about food safety in our “Farm to Fork” video. 
• Modern Food Production: What are some examples of modern food technology? Can we improve food quality with modern food technology? How does food processing impact the safety and nutritional quality of our food? Food technology makes it possible to enjoy a selection of good-tasting, nutritious, and affordable foods. To learn more, take a look at our expert video on modern food production.  Here's more from experts & from farmers.

• Growing Our Food: How realistic is it to grow my own food? Is buying all my food from local growers an achievable goal? Is local food better or safer?  Here is the low-down from the experts on the sourcing of our food from local, national, and global destinations.

• The “Business” of Farming: Is there a difference in the safety of food that comes from smaller farms or food producers versus bigger? Is the majority of our food produced by small or large farms?  Hear the experts’ takes on the business of farming.

• What's For Lunch: Do you know how food gets to our school lunch tables?  How much do people know about our food?  Here's an entertaining look.
There is a lot to learn about how food is produced.  What is the one thing you want to learn most about food production?



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