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Like many of you, contrbutors made New Year's Resolutions in 2010.  We shared ours here, so now that the year is up, its time to look back and see how we did.  How did you do on your resolution in 2010?

Jennifer Schleman:
2010 Resolution: “In 2010, I plan to reach my healthy eating and fitness goals by tracking not only what and how much I eat but also my physical activity through an online tracking database.”

Update: “After a year of fits and starts in tracking my food intake and physical activity online, I started using Weight Watchers Online this fall and have had success. I’ve also decided to not make New Year’s resolutions anymore.”


Kimberly Reed:
2010 Resolution: “My resolution is to incorporate exercise into my life three days a week.”

Update: Although I failed to leave my office to exercise this year (yes, I am a workaholic but will try to be better in 2011), I did manage to be very mindful of and take advantage of exercise opportunities whenever possible.  My favorite example of this was when I was on vacation in Tibet.  My tour guide gave me a few tour options one day, and I chose to hike to a mountaintop temple.  It was amazing to hike past all the Tibetan prayer flags strung in the trees and big burly yaks on the mountainside.  And, once I completed the hike, I was greeted by a Buddhist monk with a cup of yak butter tea – definitely not a healthy snack, but it was very unique.

 Lindsey Loving:

2010 Resolution: 1. “Sign up for more charity walks/runs and play team sports: As someone who doesn’t really like to work  out, I need a distraction from the fact that I’m working out. Walking for a good cause motivates me, and signing up with a group of friends or coworkers makes the walk or run go by fast. Team sports are also more fun than work for me, so a game of volleyball or softball is a good way to get in a workout while spending time with friends.

Update: I definitely made progress on this resolution this year. I participated in a charity walk this summer and invited my mom to walk with me. Not only was it good exercise, but it was a chance to bond with her and take part in a cause we both believe in. I also took part in team sports at my friend’s 30th birthday party this summer, which had a Field Day theme. I forgot how much fun the baton relay and three-legged races were! I had so much fun, I didn’t even notice I was getting a workout.

2010 Resolution: 2.      Listen better to my food cravings and cues: If my body tells me it wants pasta with meat sauce, even if it’s 7:00 in the morning, there may be a reason, such as maybe I need more iron. Sometimes I find that when I listen to my cravings, I feel better. Same with knowing when to stop eating – my body usually tells me when it’s full, as long as I haven’t waited too long to eat. It’s not a perfect system, though, so if I’m craving seconds of ice cream, my “thinking” self can step in.

2010 Resolution: 3. Get out during the day: It’s easy to get caught up in the long list of To Dos at work, but taking a break and getting outside in the fresh air helps me re-energize and clear my head, and relieves stress.” 

Update: I started out really strong on this resolution, but I let it slide as work got busier. Some ways I motivate myself to get outside: In the summertime, I walk to a deli and get a healthful lunch, then take it to the park and eat outside. In the winter, I take a brisk 15-minute walk and stop for a café latte with skim milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup on my way back to the office.


Kris Sollid:
2010 Resolution: For me, 2010 represents a fresh start in so many ways. With that in mind, I’ve made three previously unused (by me) New Year’s resolutions. First, (re)learn a new language; Spanish. Segundo, I need more sleep and I plan on getting it; Necesito mas horas de sueno por favor. Finally, unlike years past, I resolve to actually follow thru on my New Year’s resolutions!” 

Update: RE)LEARNING SPANISH—if I learned anything in 2010, it’s that a goal without a plan is just a dream. My goal of relearning Spanish had little direction in 2010 and failed miserably as a result.
MORE SLEEP—I am happy to say that my push toward 7 hours of sleep per night during the second half of 2010 has been a success. It’s been a challenge, but setting a bedtime has made 7 hours my “new normal” and I will continue working on inching closer to 8 in 2011.

Jania Matthews:
2010 Resolution: “I seriously would like to live a more balanced life.  I can never seem to juggle work, an exercise regime, and a nutritious lifestyle-I know I don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.”  

Update: I genuinely gave a lot of effort to achieve a more balanced life in 2010.  However, it feels as though the year passed so quickly that I didn't have enough time to incorprate all the areas of balance I sought.  Hence, this is not an resolution to check-off the list--there's still work to do in 2011.


Kerry Phillips:
2010 Resolution: “I’d like to spice up my normal exercise routine by trying out new activities and exercises, such as a new team sport, exercise class, or workout video.  My motivation is my upcoming wedding day!”

Update: While I did manage to add some variety to my exercise routine throughout the year (biking, running, and yoga), more often than not, I found myself at the gym each morning back on the elliptical. With it being such a busy year, I ended up focusing on fitting any type of exercise into my day. I intend to carry this resolution into 2011.  


Eric Mittenthal:
2010 Resolution: “My resolution is to slow down and enjoy my food. I tend to wolf down whatever is in front of me the second it hits the table. I’d like to take time and savor my food more instead of acting like it’s a race to finish it first.”

Update: I had some success on my 2010 resolution, but it’s still a work in progress.  My success is that I often consciously think about slowing down and enjoying my food and in those moments I am able to do it.  On other occasions when I’m not thinking about it as much, I’m still a speed eater.  It’s something I’m going to continue to focus on in 2011 along with some new resolutions.



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