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By: Anthony Flood Date: 3/29/12

It seems like every day, someone is trying to raise consumer fears over some ingredient in our food. Soon, rumors begin flying that the substance is responsible for maladies far and wide and an online media campaign begins to force government regulators to ban it.

Today’s target is BPA.  It’s is a safe component of food packaging, an improvement over what it replaced, and it has been proven safe and has been used safely for a number of years.

Science has proven BPA’s safety and it has added to the overall safety of many of the foods Americans eat.  It has indirectly reduced the risk of botulism by reducing the chances that food cans will corrode and become unfit to eat. Thus it increases the safe shelf life of hundreds of foods and vegetables enjoyed every day. 




So what’s the issue?  Some, fanning the flames of fear, are demanding that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sacrifice a safe packaging compound based on a number of limited, relatively small scientific studies. BPA has not been definitively linked to any adverse health effects and FDA has confirmed that BPA is safe.

As President Barack Obama stated back in March 2009, “Today more than ever before, science holds the key to our survival . . . It’s time we once again put science at the top of our agenda . . .” I feel an urgent need for every consumer; moms, sisters, aunts and others to know that our food supply is safe and not to be swayed by so-called “consumer demand” that would otherwise outright hunt and sacrifice a safe food packaging component such as BPA.

We are entering an unprecedented era of fear and speculation where our regulatory leaders are asked to make life changing decisions based on the available science known to them.  I trust they will make the right decision for all.  I would prefer FDA make a decision about BPA based on science, while taking into account the concerns of consumers. As was recently said very well in a commentary in Forbes Magazine science should be the guiding hand of food policy.”

It’s science that will feed an ever expanding world population. It’s science that makes and keeps our food safer longer.  It’s science that brings food from the Midwest farmlands to the grocery stores on the east and west coasts.  And it’s science that helps my mother keep food longer in her pantry.  I grew up in an era where safety, wholesomeness, value and food costs were important to my mother.  They are still important to my family today and science is still leading the way.  Allow FDA to make a decision based on science.


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