Foods for Health: Eating for Digestive Health

The foods and beverages we consume each day impact the way our digestive system works. Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and grains, certain yogurts and fluids, as well as regularly fitting physical activity into your day can help promote digestive health.

Findings from the IFIC Functional Foods/Foods for Health Survey show that 81 percent of Americans believe foods and beverages may improve digestive health. Many Americans are also aware of the relationship between fiber, probiotics and prebiotics and maintaining a healthy digestive system. Yet, few Americans are actually consuming these types of foods and beverages for their health benefits.

The International Food Information Council Foundation has partnered with registered dietitian and author of “101 Optimal Life Foods,” David Grotto, to develop a video and resources providing tips and strategies that can help support digestive health.  

Use these resources to incorporate foods, beverages and activities into your daily routine to support digestive health.

Tips and Resources to Promote Digestive Health
Foods for Health: Eating for Digestive Health (pdf)
Putting Fiber Back on the Plate or in the Bowl, or Glass
Hydration: Does it Always Have to be Water?
Quick Tips to Give Your Diet a Boost
Healthy Eating, Active Living
Foods for Health Video Series

For Health Professionals
Whole Grains Fact Sheet
Fiber Fact Sheet
Probiotics and Prebiotics Fact Sheet
IFIC Functional Foods/Foods for Health Survey
Backgrounder on Functional Foods