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  • Sweet Taste, Without The Calories

    Trying to cut back on calories or carbohydrates (carbs) but like foods that taste sweet? Try non-nutritive sweeteners! They are commonly called sugar substitutes, no-calorie sweeteners, sugar replacements, artificial sweeteners or are referred to by their package color: pink, blue or yellow.

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  • Fats: How to Enjoy Your Food and Be Healthy, Too!

    Did you know that fats are an important part of a healthful diet? Maybe this surprises you because we often hear advice to cut down on the amount of fat we eat. But when it comes to fats and good health, the keys are to eat enough—but not too much—and to choose the right types of fats. The information and tips here can help you do just that.

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  • IFIC Review: Caffeine and Health: Clarifying the Controversies

    This IFIC Review provides background information on caffeine, examines its safety and summarizes key research conducted on caffeine and health. Topics addressed include caffeine and: heart disease, hydration, addiction, pregnancy, fertility and miscarriage, diabetes, cancer and caffeine content of popular caffeinated beverages, among others.

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  • Questions and Answers About Bisphenol-A (BPA)

    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic or epoxy resins. These resins are used in some food packaging materials, such as the lining inside metal-based food and beverage cans, coatings on metal closures / lids for glass jars, reusable plastic containers for food and beverages and tableware.

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  • Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Their Role in Healthful Eating

    This handy fact sheet presents an overview of the currently approved low-calorie sweeteners (sometimes referred to as non-nutritive sweeteners, artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes) in the United States.

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  • Q&A: Do Food Colors Cause Hyperactivity?

    Food colors perform a variety of functions in foods and beverages. Yet, despite their careful regulation by federal authorities and history of safe use, claims continue to be made linking food colors to hyperactivity in children. This document serves as a guide to common questions about food colors, including what they are, how and why they are used, and how they are regulated for safe use in the United States.

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  • Fact Sheet: Benefits of Food Biotechnology

    With an ever-growing global population and rising food prices, the task of feeding the world is going to become more challenging and is just one reason to capitalize on the benefits of biotechnology. Food biotechnology can help us meet this challenge. Use of biotech plants can produce more food on less land, by reducing the amount of crops lost to disease and pests.

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  • Background on Functional Foods

    “Functional Foods” are foods or dietary components that may provide a health benefit beyond basic nutrition. You can take greater control of your health through the food choices you make, knowing that some foods can provide specific health benefits. Examples can include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fortified or enhanced foods and beverages, and some dietary supplements.

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  • Questions and Answers About the Nutritional Content of Processed Baby Food

    The goal of infant nutrition is to promote optimal growth and development by providing a variety of nutritious foods. Babies need to be gradually exposed to a variety of tastes and textures geared to their developmental level.

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  • 2012 Food & Health Survey: Consumer Attitudes toward Food Safety, Nutrition and Health

    The 2012 Food & Health Survey: Consumer Attitudes toward Food Safety, Nutrition & Health, commissioned by the International Food Information Council Foundation, is the seventh annual national quantitative study designed to gain insights from Americans on important food safety, nutrition, and health-related topics.

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IFIC Foundation Taste Test Challenge

To celebrate National Nutrition Month and the theme, "Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right," the IFIC Foundation filmed our very own taste test challenge. Take a look, think you would have passed?