Sometimes it seems like a food or nutrition study that comes out today contradicts one that came out the day before. Consumers are confused about what to believe, and rightly so. But not all science is created equal. Find out how to look beyond the headline-grabbing claims and judge the science for yourself.

Sugars: 10 Facts You May Not Know

Sugar or dietary sugars have been under scrutiny for years. Sugars have been blamed for causing everything from cavities to obesity and a lot of conditions in between. Here are the facts about sugars to help you decide how to sensibly incorporate sugars into your diet.

Read Sugars: 10 Facts You May Not Know (PDF) for the sweet scoop.

For more extensive detail on the scientific evidence surrounding sugars role in health, see IFIC Foundation's recent peer-reviewed publication, "The Science of Sugars," in the journal, Nutrition Today