Hot Topic Foods for Health: Building Healthy Kids and Families

Kids are amazing little people; growing, learning and developing every day. Have you ever wondered if you’re providing them with the nutrients and activities that they need to nurture their developing minds and bodies? You are not alone. According to the 2009 IFIC Functional Foods/Foods for Health Survey, 83 percent of Americans believe that certain foods and beverages can contribute to healthy growth and development in children.

The International Food Information Council Foundation working in partnership with health expert and author, David Grotto, RD, has developed a video and resources to give families insights and tips to help kids develop life-long habits that can keep them healthy today and tomorrow.

You watched the video, now what? Use these resources to incorporate foods, beverages and activities into your families’ daily routine.

Tips and Resources to Help Build Minds and Bodies
Foods for Health: Building Healthy Kids and Families (pdf)
Give Your Child a High Five for Fiber
Get 3-A-Day of Dairy-We Triple Dare You!
Putting the Fast in Breakfast
Your Blood Pump it Up Recipe Roundup

Family-Friendly Resources Every Parent Must Read Real-Life Guide for Parents
Ten Fun Fitness Activities to Suggest When Kids Say, “I’m Bored”
Raising an In-Tune Eater

For Health Professionals Leader’s Guide
MyPyramid Breakfast and Health Communicators Toolkit
IFIC Functional Foods/Foods for Health Consumer Survey

Check out the Healthy Kids and Families section of for more information, games, and recipes for the whole family.