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Just in Time for the New Year, the IFIC Foundation Releases New Resources on Weight Management

Issue January 2011

January is the time of year when we reflect on the previous 365 days and consider how we can make positive changes in our lives moving forward. Improving the healthfulness of our diet, exercising more, and losing weight often top people’s list of New Year’s Resolutions. Findings from the IFIC Foundation Food & Health Survey consistently support American’s desire to lose or manage their weight. In 2010 65 percent of consumers said that they were making changes to improve the healthfulness of their diet in effort to lose weight and another 16 percent were striving to maintain their current weight.

Yet, when it comes to taking advantage of foods and beverages to assist with weight management, Americans often do not know where to turn. According to the 2009 IFIC Functional Foods/Foods for Health Consumer Trending Survey, 81 percent of consumers agree that certain foods can provide benefits related to achieving a healthy body weight, yet only 52 percent say that they are currently consuming foods and beverages for this benefit. To help bridge the gap between consumer awareness and action, the IFIC Foundation has developed a video in partnership with Dave Grotto, RD, focusing on tips and strategies to help with weight management. This video is the third in a series of videos that discuss foods and beverages that can promote health. Other videos in this series include foods and beverages that can support healthy kids and families, and food and immune health.

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