Protein Fact Sheets

Dietary protein has become a “hot” topic in the news. Health professionals along with consumers need to be knowledgeable about the latest research related to the beneficial effects of adequate dietary protein.  Dietary protein plays a key role in promoting appetite regulation, and preventing Sarcopenia (loss of skeletal muscle) and osteoporosis. The goal of these fact sheets is to highlight the role of dietary protein throughout the lifecycle; specifically for young children, women 18-45 years old, millennials and baby boomers, that can be shared by the busy practitioner. These up-to-date fact sheets offer audience specific rationale for optimal protein intake, RDA for dietary protein, common dietary protein sources and practical tips for including protein sources at all eating occasions. These fact sheets can be used as a single resource or accompany a broader discussion of the importance of a balanced diet, which includes physical activity, to achieve a healthy weight and active lifestyle. Feel free use personally or share with your respective clientele.


Protein for Young Children

Protein for Millennials

Protein for Women Ages 18-45

Protein for Baby Boomers