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International Food Information Council Foundation Resources

  • Fish and Your Health

    Although no single food alone can make a person healthy, eating more seafood is one way that most of us can help improve our diets—and our health.

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  • Arsenic and Our Food: The Facts

    Arsenic is one of many naturally occurring elements in the air, water, rocks and soil. This means that it is common for a variety of foods and beverages to naturally contain trace amounts of arsenic that are not harmful to consumers. Ongoing monitoring of our food supply indicates there is no reason to be alarmed about arsenic in the consumable products that you enjoy. Want to know more? Please reference our resources below for more information.

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  • Sweet Taste, Without The Calories

    Trying to cut back on calories or carbohydrates (carbs) but like foods that taste sweet? Try non-nutritive sweeteners! They are commonly called sugar substitutes, no-calorie sweeteners, sugar replacements, artificial sweeteners or are referred to by their package color: pink, blue or yellow.

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  • Food Safety: We're All in This Together

    Our Food and Health Survey indicates that while some Americans recognize that ensuring the safety of the US food supply is a shared responsibility across government, farmers/producers, the food/beverage industry, retailers and consumers; we recognize the opportunity to better understand the roles each of these entities play, as well as what consumers can do to ensure the food they provide their families is safe. We all have a role in ensuring that the US food supply is safe.

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  • 2012 Food & Health Webcast CPE Information

    For all Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians Registered, the LIVE, “IFIC Foundation 2012 Food and Health Survey: Consumer Attitudes toward Food Safety, Nutrition & Health” webinar is approved for 1.5 CPEs.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Stevia Sweeteners

    Many people may think they have to give up sweets in order to lose or maintain their weight. However, low-calorie sweeteners such as stevia sweeteners offer a way to reduce calories in sweet tasting foods and beverages, which may help you manage your weight. They also offer a way for people with diabetes to decrease overall carbohydrate intake.

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  • What’s in Our Food: Understanding Common Food Ingredients

    Do long, scary-sounding ingredient names on food labels make you wonder what’s in your food and why? This resource provides the answers! Food ingredients, such as those found in the ingredient list on food labels, serve specific functions in our food supply. They may not always be obvious, but they are nevertheless important.

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  • Putting the Fast in Breakfast - 3 Quick and Easy Solutions

    No time for breakfast? If so, you or your family are missing out on the many benefits of eating the morning meal. Check out the three quick and easy solutions below plus a full menu of speedy, nutritious—and simply delicious—breakfasts the whole family will love.

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  • Wake Up To The Benefits Of Breakfast!

    Breakfast. Research shows that many of us believe that it’s the most important meal of the day—and there is plenty of science to support it. Still, more than half of us do not eat breakfast everyday. Learn about the long-standing and latest reasons to enjoy the morning meal.

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  • Questions and Answers about “Boar Taint” and Pork Quality

    The issues of “pig castration” and “boar taint” may have caught your attention in the media recently. For many years, pork producers have physically castrated male piglets to prevent pigs’ natural odors, referred to as “boar taint,” from developing as they mature. Without some form of prevention or control, the pig’s off-odors collect in its meat and are released during the cooking process.

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IFIC Foundation Taste Test Challenge

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