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Healthy Kids & Families: Recipe Roundup

Dinner Winners

March 05, 2010

The entire family can enjoy cooking – and eating – these meals together!

Baked Sea Sticks

These yummy treats from under the sea are sure to please! Ahoy, dinner!

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Combine a couple of kids' favorite foods, kick up the flavor and what do you get? BBQ Chicken Pizza! Yum!

Blood & Guts Soup

Ick! This soup really does look like blood and guts! But, you'll be licking it up. It tastes a lot better than it looks!

Brewed Monkey Brain Stew
Don't worry! There are no monkey brain parts in this stew. It's chili, silly!

Crazy Mix Veggie Burgers
If you haven't yet tried a veggie burger, this is the best way to begin! If you've already discovered the delightful virtues of the veggie burger, you'll go wild over this crazy version.

Easy Chick-n-Cheesy Quesadilla

Oh-so-easy! And so cheesy! Quick Quesadillas for dinner.

Family-Pleasing Cheesy Pasta Twists

The name of this tasty and nutritious dish says it all! Cheesy Goodness!

Franken-Fingers with Blood Sauce
Though these "fingers" might frighten your family and friends, they won't scare you away from devouring them. They're finger-licking terrific!

Hot Tuna Stuffed Tomato Bowls
Tuna is tasty in a sandwich—and it's extra tasty in a tomato! If you like, you can do a switcheroo for the tuna with chicken, too! Stuff the tomato bowl, then your tummy!

Make-your-own Taco Bar

You can mix and match tacos any way you want from this Mexican-style buffet. Have a food fiesta! Olé!  

Meatballs in Strange Sauce
How weird! The sauce for these meatballs is made from ketchup and grape jelly. You won't believe how scrumptious it is!

Popeye's Pizza Bagel

Popeye, the muscle-popping cartoon character, loved spinach. So will you…once you try this new-fangled pizza—named for good ol' Popeye! Pop this pizza bagel in your mouth for dinner!

Sawed-off Thumbs
Scare your siblings or friends by serving them a pair of "thumbs"! For a super scare, hide your own thumbs so they'll think the "Sawed-off Thumbs" are yours! It's a hoot at Halloween time—or anytime! This'll give new meaning to the phrase "thumbs up!"

Sloppy Turkey Joes

Being sloppy is the secret to these winning Turkey Joes. Kids and adults will gobble them down! Sloppily scrumptious!

Tasty Tortellini Toss

Everyone will think you're a gourmet chef after you toss this winner together! Try this Tortellini tonight!  

Toaster Tomato-n-Cheese Sandwich

With a modern tomato twist on the traditional, all-American sandwich, this version will soon be your new favorite!

Turkey-n-Stuffing Pie
Don't deny yourself a slice of this pie! It's an absolutely delicious and nutritious way to use those traditional holiday leftovers—or whenever you want a meal with homey appeal.


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