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October 12, 2009

About the Leader’s Guide: Healthy Eating & Active Living Ideas & Activities for Kids & Families

After the Web site was launched in 2002, an overwhelming number of health professionals told us they needed practical resources that could be used in the classroom and other educational settings. In response to this request, the ACTIVATE partnership developed the Leader’s Guide, launched in May 2004. The Leader’s Guide takes content from and presents it in a curriculum-like resource that can be delivered in a variety of different settings: school classrooms, after-school programs, community-based programs, and any other setting where youth education is involved. As a result of numerous pilot programs in 2004-2005, the International Food Information Council Foundation launched an updated version of the Leader’s Guide in 2006, featuring even more hands-on activities for kids and including information about MyPyramid for kids!

How do I use the Leader’s Guide?

The Leader’s Guide was developed as a resource, which means you should tailor it to your environment and your program as you see fit. You can teach the modules in sequence to formulate a comprehensive health education program, take a few modules to supplement your existing program, or just use some ideas from the modules to create your own unique lesson plan. The Leader’s Guide is filled with lessons, activities, and resources where you can learn additional background information about the topics you are teaching. Each module is filled with content such as:

  • Module Goals—Gives you direction about what kids should learn from each module
  • Quick Start Ideas—Learning activities that take just a few minutes and can easily be implemented in a variety of settings
  • Activity Action Plan—A longer, more structured learning activity plan that can be conducted in a more formal group setting, such as a classroom. Content includes:
    • Talking points/discussion questions that walk you through a discussion or lecture
    • Follow-up activity to get the group engaged in fun activities that link to the discussion
    • Take-home activity including a hand-out where students can involve their family members
    • “Bright Papers” for the instructor to send home to parents or to use for more background information about that particular topic

How can I get a copy of the Leader’s Guide?

You may order a hard binder copy of the Leader’s Guide from the Foundation Publications Store.

Do you have feedback about the Leader’s Guide that you would like to share? We would love to hear about it. Please e-mail us at

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