Sometimes it seems like a food or nutrition study that comes out today contradicts one that came out the day before. Consumers are confused about what to believe, and rightly so. But not all science is created equal. Find out how to look beyond the headline-grabbing claims and judge the science for yourself.

David Lineback Explains Acrylamide

Dr. David R. Lineback is a Senior Fellow, Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) at the University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Lineback is a carbohydrate chemist and food scientist with an extensive academic background, serving as the Director of JIFSAN from 1998-2005.

Dr. Lineback has been active in many scientific communities, and has also been involved with the acrylamide issue since 2002 when it was first discovered in food, serving as a scientific advisor for a large international research collaboration and at several meetings involving these efforts.  In addition, Dr. Lineback has written or co-authored several publications on the issues raised by acrylamide formation in food and have made numerous presentations on such issues to different audiences.