Food Biotechnology Resources

Food Biotechnology

These resources cover all aspects of food biotechnology (also known as genetic engineering, or "GMOs"), including the science on the safety and benefits for food safety, the environment, and sustainability; U.S. regulation of foods produced through biotechnology; and foods produced with biotechnology that are currently available or are under development.

Food Biotechnology: A Communicator’s Guide to Improving Understanding, 3rd edition Main web page (Links to PDFs of the full Guide and all individual chapters: Language & Key Messages, Presentation, Presentation Handouts, Media Tips, Biotechnology Experts, Additional Resources, and Glossary; full PowerPoint presentation in English (in .pptx and .pdf formats); links to infographics and other resources; Links to download the Guide in seven additional languages)

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IFIC President and CEO David B. Schmidt testifies before the U,S, House Committee on Agriculture regarding mandatory biotechnology labeling laws, March 24, 2015

Plant Biotechnology

These resources cover a range of topics, from the basics and regulation of foods produced through biotechnology, to the role of biotechnology in sustainable agriculture, to potential benefits of food biotechnology.

Animal Biotechnology

These resources answer questions on some of the most-covered animal agriculture topics.

Modern Food Production

Resources for Health Professionals

IFIC has several resources available for health professionals, from consumer research to continuing professional education modules, which can help enhance your communications about food biotechnology.

Consumer Research:

The IFIC "Consumer Perceptions of Food Technology" Survey explores U.S. consumers’ perceptions of various aspects of plant and animal biotechnology, as well as sustainability and new and emerging technologies. Formerly the "IFIC Survey of Consumer Attitudinal Trends toward Food Biotechnology, the 2014 survey is the 16th in a series conducted since 1997. In addition, the "2016 Food & Health Survey" explored many of the same issues.

Continuing Education Modules:

Additional Information:

Additional information on food biotechnology may also be found on the Food Insight blog.