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Yes We Can! Celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science

I am woman, hear me roar … about science!

If you haven’t heard, women are pioneers in the world of science. To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we wanted to shine a light on some women we see continuing this great legacy, enhancing our scientific world, and positively influencing humanity, as well as the world of agriculture.

GMO-Free Milk: Is There Really Such a Thing?

Modern food production uses various technologies to ensure that our food supply yields safe and environmentally friendly foods. "Genetically engineered" foods, also known as "genetically modified" foods or GMOs, are safe for consumption, and this has been proven repeatedly by scientific research. So what do package labels such as “GMO-free” and “Non-GMO” really mean? These labels generally indicate that GM technology was not used for the production of this food.

Fast Take: Don’t glyphosHATE, Let's Communicate

This week, self-proclaimed consumer product “experts” released a report that examined the residue presence of glyphosate, an herbicide that is widely used by growers (as it is the main ingredient in many commercial weed-killers, such as Roundup), in a variety of common foods. Before you “join the frenzy” that these groups and others are trying to create, let’s insert some logic into the conversation and ask and answer a few simple questions.

School Breaks Don't Have To Be Breaks From Healthy Habits

You’re already planning your activities for school vacations, but are you planning on how to keep your kids eating healthy while they are out of school?