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Listeria Recalls: What You Need To Know

Is it really “Sweet to Eat?”

Chances are you’ve heard in the news this week about a voluntary recall of fresh, whole peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots because of a possible health risk.  These fruits contain large pits. 

The reason for the recall is listeria, which can contaminate meats and dairy products, as well as fruits.  Listeria is rare, but can be dangerous, especially for consumers with weakened immune systems.  While this week’s news focuses on specific products, here’s what every consumer needs to know to reduce their risk of illness.

Myths & Facts About Grilling

Everyone should enjoy the summer - the food, fun and festivities that come along with the heat. Whether you're the king of the backyard bar-be-que or master of the grill, here are a few myths and facts about grilling you ought to consider so that everyone in your kingdom will have fun and be food safe.