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The Science of Anti-Caking Agents

I grew up learning to love the science of food while watching my parents cook. My mom is known for her chocolate chip cookie recipe. When we made this recipe together, my first task was always to start measuring out all the ingredients. Her recipe is fairly basic and has a few different powdered ingredients. I’d try and get everything measured out as quickly as possible so she was not waiting on any ingredients to add. Some of the ingredients like baking soda or salt turned into a “hockey puck” and were very difficult to break apart and measure.

A Pumpkin Spice Latte Remix

While the pumpkin spice latte is synonymous with the fall, we’ve remixed this fall favorite as a smoothie recipe that you can quickly make for a delicious and nutritious drink. In addition, this recipe also includes healthy ingredients like rice milk, pumpkin, oats and coffee for busy mornings or mid-afternoon slumps to give you the energy you need to power through your day.

The Benefits of Preservatives in Our Food

On Sunday mornings, you make your grocery list before heading to the store. It is easier to get your fill of fresh produce and healthier foods by performing this simple task.

As the days pass, you make your meals. Almost inevitably though, by Thursday evening, you are exhausted, and it unsurprisingly becomes pizza or Chinese take-out night. Then, ingredients that should have been Thursday’s meal sit in the fridge or on the shelves until you find the vigor to cook again. Sound familiar? Luckily, preservatives help keep that food safe until you are ready to prepare your next meal.

How Hydrocolloids Make Our Favorite Foods Taste Better

What makes gelatin snacks jiggle? How does the chocolate in my chocolate milk not sink to the bottom? If any of these questions ever crossed your mind, you have already been exposed to the wonders of hydrocolloids!

Hydro–what-oids? Hydrocolloids.  They are the jiggle of your gelatin snacks and the whip in your cream.

By definition, hydrocolloids are a colloid (particle) mixed in water (hydro). These particles are what provide the right viscosity, texture or structure to many foods you likely consume on a daily basis.

Process This

Information about the food we eat surrounds us, yet much of it is low on evidence and high on hype. To help counter this misinformation, our team of self-proclaimed “food nerds” is focused on the facts

Newsbite: Stop the Food Waste Confusion

Are you confused about “sell-by,” “best-by,” or “use-by” language and dates you see stamped on the packaging of your favorite foods and beverages? You are not alone! While food safety is a primary concern for consumers, food waste is also an issue. To help combat consumer confusion about expiration language, late last year, the U.S.

Food Safety Precautions During Extreme Weather

When extreme weather conditions result in environmental hazards such as flooding, it is important to still practice food safety measures to help support your health. Safe food handling precautions are important under optimal conditions, but they should also be practiced under stressed, emergency conditions as well. In addition to these actions, there are more considerations to be mindful of in cases of long and short-term power outages.

Keep in the Cold

Dining 101: Managing Food Allergies at College

As the summer winds down, a fresh crispness lingers in the air. Fall is right around the corner. This also means students are getting ready to head off to college.

Students face many new adjustments and responsibilities when they start school such as sharing a small space with a roommate they barely know and balancing difficult, fast-paced coursework.

Food Safety Checklist for College Students

Preparing for college can be overwhelming. Between saying farewell to close friends and making sure you’ve packed your life away, it’s easy to overlook a few things during the big move. We know you have created a laundry list of essentials to bring along on this new journey. But there’s one thing you have more than likely forgotten—food safety!