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The Pre-Workout Snack: To Eat or Not to Eat?

By: Lindsay Maurath   Date: 6/17/10

Fitting in weekly workouts is challenging enough without adding nutrition into the mix, but the next time you pack your gym bag you may want to think about throwing in a granola bar.  Despite recent media coverage, a snack may be just as important as your sneakers in making the most of your workout.  The argument over a pre-workout snack has long been the subject of debate.  To eat or not to eat, how much, what and when are common questions that come up in the discussion. 

Reflections on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report

Note: With the release of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Advisory Committee report, we wanted to highlight some of our reflections on the discussions over the past couple of years.  This blog was originally posted on 5/18/10 following the final Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee meeting and sums up many of the findings in the report.                                                                                                                                              

Raw Milk: Think Before You Drink

By: Lindsay Maurath   Date: 6/14/10

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late: Take a Proactive Approach to Hydration

By: Kerry Robinson, RD and Jennifer Arougheti (Undergraduate Dietetic Student and IFIC Foundation Intern)   Date: 6/11/10

The Biggest Loser-Another Season of Transformations

By: Jania Matthews Date: 6/9/10

This is the time of year where television season finales are commonplace.  While some shows I don't fret if I miss, there's one show's finale that captured my undivided attention.  This show is none other than the Biggest Loser. 

Protein: The Forgotten Nutrient

No question about it, we all like to feel good and look good, and we know the foods we eat (along with exercise) help with this process including foods with proteins.  Did you know that protein plays an important and necessary role in repairing and building every tissue and cell in the body including the skin, hair and nails?  You could say the nutrients you get from protein and foods with protein are almost as essential to the body as water.

The Re-Emergence of the White House Farmer's Market

By: Jania Matthews   Date: 6/3/10

What's In It For Me? is Key in Communicating About Food Technology

By: Kerry Robinson, RD   Date: 6/2/10

Many of us can probably recall a time when we waited in a long line just to purchase the latest mobile or electronic technology.  But, do we have the same reaction when it comes to technology used in food production? Granted, it may not seem as exciting as that new MP3 player or cell phone, but does food technology deserve a bad rap? What do Americans really think about food technology, and what types of messages resonate with them?

Is Coconut Water Nature's Sports Drink?

By: Lindsay Maurath   Date: 6/1/10