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Is there Enough "Earth" to Go Around?

By: Lindsey Loving   Date: 4/22/10

Today is "Earth Day" - a day dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of our planet, and all that it provides for us. Many people recognize this day by planting a tree, using mass transportation to get to work instead of driving, or switching to energy-efficient light bulbs in their homes.

But what evokes Earth Day for me is in the very word "Earth", which is literally the soil we walk upon, and which fertilizes the seeds that grow the food that feeds the world.

Food is Safer and More Accessible Today than in the Past, Thanks to Modern Food Production

By: Lindsey Loving   Date: 4/21/10

With an increasing focus in recent years on nutrition and health has come a greater interest in where our food comes from and how it is produced. And, along with this increased interest have come concerns and misperceptions about the safety and health of our food supply and the food production process, which have been perpetuated in the media and in popular books and movies. 

Are Americans Sodium Savvy? IFIC Takes a Look

Note: This blog post originally ran on 12/2/09.  With today's release of the IOM Report on strategies to reduce sodium intake, we felt that it's important to highlight what consumers think about sodium in their diet. 

A Cornucopia of Changes Abound with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Advisory Committee Report

By: Elizabeth Rahavi, RD   Date: 4/19/10

For more than a year and a half my colleagues and I at the International Food Information Council have hunkered down for two day intervals to listen to the deliberations of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Advisory Committee. The most recent deliberations were held last Tuesday and Wednesday, April 13-14th.

Recap of #FoodInsight Diabetes Chat

Note: Below is a transcript of our 4/15/10 #FoodInsight twitter chat on diabetes with Tami Ross, RD, LD, CDE.  If you have any additional questions for Tami, please don't hesitate to contact us.  Below the transcript we've also included a comprehensive list of resources on diabetes and sweeteners.  Be sure to follow @IFICMedia and @FoodInsightOrg for more food and health updates and info on future chats.

Let's Talk Diabetes and Health: Join Our Live Twitter Chat with Diabetes Expert Tami Ross

By: Kerry Robinson, RD   Date 4/14/10

How many carbs should someone with diabetes have in a day? Do all carbs impact blood sugar equally?   How does exercise affect blood sugar? Are low-calorie sweeteners an option for people with diabetes to consume sweet foods?

What Are Discretionary Calories?

By: Kris Sollid, RD   Date: 4/12/10

PSST ... Mr. Oliver ... We Started the School Nutrition Revolution Before You Got Here

By: Dayle Hayes, MS, RD   Date: 4/9/10

Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, is nutrition consultant based in Big Sky country (Billings, Montana) and incoming Chair of the School Nutrition Services Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

The Importance of Sharing Science Based Health, Nutrition, and Food Safety Science Information Through Social Media

By: Kimberly Reed   Date: 4/8/10

Today, I spent an hour with some very knowledgeable people who really care about consumers and shared an important message with them:  ALL CONSUMERS COUNT!  In today's world, no customer is too small, and social media is a powerful way to connect with them on a personal level to share important information.   

Women, Exercise and Weight Loss: Is My Beach Body Doomed?

By: Elizabeth Rahavi, RD   Date 4/7/10

It's early April and so far Washington, D.C. is experiencing one of the warmest Aprils on record. Yesterday, an area suburb reached a high of 93 degrees! Its official, we've cut through the red tape of spring and are quickly whirling toward the hot (not to mention humid) summer heat. It's time to cue the glossy magazines that will be encouraging us all to "Get Our Bodies Beach Ready" and "Find Six-Pack Abs" just in time for the summer.