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Michelle Obama's Initiative to Combat Childhood Obesity, An Issue Already Close to Our Hearts

By: Marianne Smith-Edge, MS, RD, LS, FADA   Date: 2/11/10

The International Food Information Council Foundation applauds First Lady Michelle Obama's new initiative to get kids eating healthier and exercising more, and we share her passion. At the Foundation, we have been addressing the importance of the relationship between food choices, regular daily activity, and obesity for over a decade and recognize that solving the epidemic requires a lifestyle and cultural change.

Family, Friends, Food, and the Super Bowl

By: Bridget Hollingsworth   Date: 2/5/10

Celebrating Canned Food Month

By: Katie Burns   Date 2/4/10

Food Insight's New Years Resolutions: One Month Update

By: Food Insight Blog Contributors Date: 2/1/10

2010 is officially a month old and we thought it would be a good time to take a look at how we're doing on our New Years Resolutions. 


Along with First Lady Michelle Obama, the IFIC Foundation Is Committed to Promoting Child Health and Combating Childhood Obesity

By: David Schmidt, International Food Information Council Foundation President and CEO Date: 1/29/10

Mind Tricks to Become a Mindful Eater

By: Elizabeth Rahavi, RD   Date: 1/28/10

We talk a lot about mindful eating on this blog because it's a concept that resonates with a lot of the health professionals and nutrition communicators here at the IFIC office. However, we recognize that mindful eating can be a hard thing to get your head around if you are not working in the food, nutrition, and health world 24/7 or have strong interest in these matters.

Getting Sick is NOT FUN!

By: Jennifer Schleman   Date: 1/26/10 

Last fall shortly after reading our Putting the BRAT on a Diet post, I came down with the dreaded flu. Not the H1N1 variety, but the good, old-fashioned, upper respiratory influenza.