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Fast Take: 9 Days to Better Health?

We’ve talked about the issue with ‘single study syndrome’- promoting the results of a single study without including the context of the full body of science. We’ve talked about when headlines are grossly out-of-step with a study’s actual conclusions. Sometimes, you get all these Science Sins wrapped into one.

"Spooky" Science: Why Do Some Fear Biotech Despite the Science Saying It's Safe?

In July, Trends in Plant Science published an opinion piece on the psychology of opposition to biotechnology, entitled ‘Fatal Attraction: The Intuitive Appeal of GMO Opposition.’ The premise? We have strong scientific confidence in the fact that biotechnology is safe.

WHO Chimes in on Meats: What it Means for Your Health


Heard lots of panic about the latest IARC (WHO) announcement on red meat? Here's the background you need to put that panic in perspective:


'Soda Politics' & Science: 5 Issues

This week, with the release of Soda Politics, the Food Insight team consulted our e-readers. ‘Soda’ is one of those words that can be very divisive among dietitians, like those on the Food Insight team, and nutrition enthusiasts, like myself. In the interest of setting the stage, let’s start with what’s not up for debate. Soda doesn’t come with nutritional benefits. It’s not a necessary part of your nutrition. If it’s consumed in too great a quantity, it can throw off your calorie balance. Nobody is arguing that soda should flow down from the mountain top.

Our Beef with Shoddy, Sensationalist, & Suspect Science: Consumer Reports & Ground Meat

If you’re checking Facebook, watching morning shows, or answering calls from your mom, you’ve probably already seen the latest headline grab from Consumer Reports, claiming that your ground beef is, inevitably, going to kill you.

Tuna: Elect the Perfect Protein Catch [INFOGRAPHIC]

To celebrate this campaign season, we're sharing campaign posters for some of our favorite nutrient-powered foods. Take a look at our second candidate- tuna fish - to check out its vitamins, protein, and Omega-3s!

Fast Take: Weight loss “without giving up a single calorie?”

“How Americans can lose a lot of weight without giving up a single calorie” is a headline that should be setting off significant mental warning alarms.

Women’s World Cup (Nutrition) Flashback: Julie Foudy on Nutrition

Sixteen years ago, I curled up on the couch with my father and grandfather. We cheered and cheered as Julie Foudy captained the US women’s team to the championship. Now, she’s championing smart nutrition! Her latest interview highlighted the importance of carbs, electrolytes, and sugar for intensity and endurance in sports. Here are a few of our faves:

EFSA Spotlight: 9 Months Without a Latte? Not So Fast …

pregnant-coffee-caffeine-safeThere are a lot of rules that change when you’re pregnant. But thankfully for those of us who love to wake up to warm java, the need to cut out caffeine is a myth. In a scientific opinion on caffeine safety, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) just reconfirmed that caffeine intakes of up to 200 mg a day do not raise safety concerns for the fetus.

What Technology Means for Agriculture: The Big Picture

Before I joined the FoodInsight team, I’d spend work days in one of two ways. Some days, I’d be riding between African farms in the back of a pickup, learning the Nkole word for ‘thank you’ and seeing first-hand the barriers to and impact of technology for small farms. The rest of the time, I’d be thinking, talking, and writing about what I’d seen and how we can improve it.