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Of Mice and Media: A Credulous Response to an Iffy Sweetener Study

Here we go again. Researchers with a study of dubious relevance and so-so design said "jump," and many media said "how high?"

Now, please bear with me here. This is a rather long post, but it's an important one.

Do You Like Your Sodium "PURE" or "Computer-Generated"?

By the very nature of science, new research and new discoveries can complicate the quest for what might be considered a definitive “truth.” This is especially important when it comes to food and nutrition, because the best scientific evidence is what is supposed to drive updating the Dietary Guidelines for Americans every five years—by extension, positively impacting our collective health and well-being.

Information Key to Overcoming Food Fears

The way some bloggers and commentators talk about food and the ingredients that go into it, I sometimes start to hear the theme from "Jaws" in my head. News reports literally warn of the dangers "lurking" in our food, like a mugger crouched behind a dumpster. The rhetoric is almost always alarmist, inaccurate, and lacking in context.

Feel the Thrill of the Grill!

The Fourth of July is upon us, which for our American readers means Independence Day: fireworks, John Philip Sousa, and of course, cookouts. (To our friends north of the border, we hope you had a happy Canada Day earlier this week.)

An Expert Who Is "Fed Up with the Blame Game"

Amber Pankonin, a board certified pediatric dietitian, has written one of the few pieces anywhere to cast a critical, skeptical eye on the recent documentary "Fed Up." (Another such exception, of course, can be found here.) The vast majority of stories in the media about the movie are basically stenography masquerading as journalism.

Food Safety Tip: Mind the Sneeze Guard!

He might be the most powerful man on Earth and ultimately responsible for America's food safety regulators, but even President Barack Obama can make a food safety faux pas.

As seen in the June 23 photo above, the president visited a restaurant where he leaned over the "sneeze guard" to choose toppings for his burrito, a fact the news media and Twitterverse were quick to point out.