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The Microbiome with Megan Meyer, PhD [PODCAST]

Did you know that each of our guts has a unique living community containing billions of bacteria? It’s called the microbiome, and on this edition of DataDish, we’re taking a journey to the center of the gut, led by Megan Meyer, PhD.

Fast Take: “Ultra-Processed” Foods and Cancer

In today’s food-centric culture, the phrase “processed foods” gets thrown around a lot. Typically the term carries a negative undertone and sometimes for good reasons. For example, research has shown that over-consuming processed foods high in salt, sugar and fat can lead to poor health outcomes. Add  “ultra” to “processed” and you get even more people talking.

What’s the Dish on the DASH Diet?

Following diets or eating patterns is pretty common in the United States, with one in seven Americans reporting that they stick to a specific eating pattern or diet.  While fad diets and trends rotate in and out over time, there are a few tried-and-true eating styles (hey, there Mediterranean diet!) that stand the test of time.

Processing the Raw Water Trend

Not even a week into 2018 and a new food fad has spread throughout social feeds and news outlets. This one was particularly surprising to me given that I spend so much of my day reading and hearing about food science, nutrition and food production. This new trend is all about disrupting the common dihydrogen monoxide (aka water) that we drink every day and replacing it with untreated, unfiltered “raw water.” 

Spice Up the Holidays with Five Thanksgiving Herbs and Spices

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, I walk into a house full of family, friends and food. Year after year, some things never change. I can always count on the aromas of juicy turkey, delicious stuffing and appetizers that I eat way too much of yet somehow manage to find room for second helpings and dessert. Many aspects of my Thanksgiving traditions may be familiar as these tastes and aromas are common throughout the US.

Fast Take: Does Eating Sugar Cause Cancer?

Identifying new mechanisms and pathways are key in science. They help answer long-term questions and also generate new scientific questions. And figuring out even one step of a pathway takes a significant amount of time. For example, I spent five years in graduate school teasing apart a very small pathway in human epithelial cells. Five years!

Passing on Tom Brady’s Diet

September means several things to me- the start of my favorite season (fall), my birthday (hooray!) and the beginning of football season. I grew up watching college football with my family on the weekends and going to some home games of our favorite teams. You could say that I am a pretty big football fan. But do you know what I am not a fan of? Professional athletes sharing diet and nutrition advice to the general public.

Newsbite: Is it necessary to avoid all processed foods?

There are so many misperceptions circulating about the science and technology behind making food more abundant, nutritious and safe. Because of this, the IFIC Foundation’s team of self-proclaimed food nerds, including RDs and PhDs, has launched a new digital creative campaign centered on sharing the science around our modern food system and around a variety of common processed foods.

Fast Take: Stop Pitting Macronutrients Against Each Other

Low-fat, high-carb: new data from the PURE cohort study

Why I Constantly Said “What the..?” While Watching What the Health

I am a big fan of documentaries- they are usually a good mix of entertainment and education (#nerdalert). But the latest documentary I watched, What the Health, missed the mark on both fronts for me. The film focused on promoting a vegan, plant-based lifestyle while denigrating all animal products including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. Now don’t get me wrong, most of us could benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables, but I do not think following a vegan diet is the only route to optimal health.