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News Bite: 3 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating During Race Season

With cooler temperatures, crisper air, and the return of comfort food, fall has got to be one of my favorite seasons. Another reason why I particularly love this season? Because of fall races, of course! For the past five years or so, I have competed in some sort of (running, biking, swimming, or a combo of the three) race. For me, having a race on the calendar also means developing a training plan.

Fast Take: Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Diabetes

Another day, another dollar, and another headline touting misleading claims about new research. This time, a new study published in the European Journal of Endocrinology is connecting drinking two or more servings of sweetened beverages a day with an increased risk of latent autoimmune diabetes (LADA) in adults.

Let’s break it down to get a better understanding of what the new research says and what you need to know.

First of all, what is LADA?

News Bite: Grocery Store Guide to the Good Stuff

As you stroll through the grocery store, you are bombarded by numerous health claims on food labels and packaging. Some boast of their natural ingredients, while others highlight their high nutrient content. But does this align with what you are looking for? Do these words and phrases actually help you choose among the multitude of options at the grocery store?

News Bite: Top Three Strategies for Reducing Food Waste

World Food Day is an important time to recognize the pressing need to end world hunger and food insecurity. While this day has a global focus, the issues of hunger and food insecurity are also close to home.

Enhance Your Color Palette: More About Natural and Artificial Food Colors [INFOGRAPHIC]

With vibrant colors and tonal hues, food can be more like art. I am drawn to foods that appeal and engage my visual senses. The more colors, the better.

Did you know that natural and artificial food colors can help correct for color loss and natural variations in color; enhance the existing colors in food; and provide color to colorless foods? Also, did you know that food colors, both natural and artificial, have been federally tested and regulated for more than 125 years and continue to be studied and regulated to ensure their safety?

News Bite: Practicing Mindful Eating with Mindful Eat-Mojis

With the increasing use of emojis, communication has taken on a new face (pun intended!).

I find that using emojis in my texts and emails conveys what I am thinking, feeling, or want to say with a simple image or face. Using emojis has really become an art, which got us thinking about how we could use emojis to better convey the concept of mindful eating.

A Colorful History of Food Colors [INFOGRAPHIC]

Travel down this timeline to learn more about the history of food colors!

News Bite: Maximizing Your Macronutrients During Pregnancy

Nutrition is top of mind for many moms-to-be. But the topic can be difficult to navigate during pregnancy. You might have heard that good nutrition plays a key role in the health of both the mom and baby, but what does “good nutrition” actually look like? This article will break down what foods to focus on to maximize your macronutrient needs and offer practical applications on how to practice good nutrition during your pregnancy. We’ll focus on the three macronutrients and include more information such as amounts, sources and health benefits.

News Bite: 3 Fast and Healthy Recipes, “Spiked” with Nutrition

It’s no secret around the office that I love to cook. Spending time making dinner is one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day at work. It’s also something that I love to do with friends and family. This is why I am so excited about this new video series with Chef Spike Mendelsohn! Chef Spike worked with us to create three delicious, healthy recipes that are super simple and can fit into any budget.

News Bite: 5 Reasons Adopting the Mediterranean Diet Is the Easiest Way To Get Healthy

It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a trendy diet or new food fad that has taken over food conversations. I mean, we’ve even created a new series over on called Try It Tuesday, where we try new foods/diets and write about these sometimes less-than-ideal experiences on … you guessed it ... Tuesdays.