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The Microbiome: A Mega-Field That’s Just Getting Started

We are on the edge of something big, yet microscopic. Emerging research about the microbiome is hitting media outlets from large newspapers to small blogs. Consumers are eager to learn more and to harness the health benefits of this field. Unfortunately, the small amount of existing research, and a flood of media coverage, leave the topic of the microbiome vulnerable.  Fortunately, much research has been conducted in the past 10 to 15 years to clue us in on what’s on the horizon for the microbiome.

News Bite: Decision 2016: More Than Just Politics

How do Americans feel about food and health? The "votes" are in, and the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation has the results. The IFIC Foundation's 2016 Food and Health Survey gives insight into all kinds of issues surrounding Americans’ views on food and nutrition.

The survey discusses such hot topics as:

News Bite: The Top 5 Things You Need in Your Food

I don’t know about you, but I’m so tired of hearing what not to eat; I want to hear what foods I can eat!  Certain food components are being forbidden, banned, and outlawed in news headlines on the regular. All this talk about what I need to avoid is not helpful. In fact, I find it less helpful in making positive health changes. Instead, we should be hearing about the foods that are full of nutrients and health benefits.

News Bite: Low-Calorie Sweeteners: A Sweet Solution to Lowering Your Calorie Intake?

Imagine sitting down for breakfast at a diner on a lazy Sunday morning. Sounds relaxing, right? Sure, until you are faced with the decision of what kind of sweetener to put in your coffee, assuming you don’t take it black, that is. What do you choose: sugar, or one of the low-calorie sweeteners (LCS) on the table?

A Mindful Memorial Day

What do you think of when you hear the words “Memorial Day?” Do you think of barbecues, road trips and the excitement of summer? Does the holiday make you think of and remember all those who have given their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces? Reflection and mindfulness are important parts of the holiday.

4 Things You May Be Wondering About Sugars [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the constant chatter about sugars, there are probably at least a few things you’re unsure of and would like more information about.  If so, this infographic, "4 Things You May Be Wondering About Sugars," is for you, covering common topics or everyday arguments you may have heard about sugars. Read on for more and feel free to share with others who may be wondering the same things!

Story or Science: Sugars

It can be extremely difficult to determine if the latest trending news story is reporting accurate or credible scientific information—seriously, who has time for that? Because so many stories in the media are about sugars these days, you’ve likely heard many polarizing opinions and complex arguments about this relatively “simple” (pun intended!) ingredient. This infographic, "Story or Science: Sugars", covers some of the information about sugars that you may have come across so that you can decide for yourself—is it good science or just a good story?

Fruits in All Forms

In honor of this year’s March Madness, Foodinsight decided to create our own bracket to find out what you are doing more often to improve your diet. Well, the votes are now in and the options have been whittled down from 30 down to just one.

What I Learned at the 2016 Experimental Biology Conference

From April 2–6, 2016 some big things were happening. You might think I’m talking about the NCAA college basketball tournament, but nope.

News Bite: Let’s 'Unsaturate' the Fat Talk

Let’s play a quick game. What is an essential macronutrient that has become both a target for us to banish from our bodies and is commonly used as an adjective to describe physical appearances and/or feelings? If you guessed fat, you are correct.

It can be extremely disheartening to see and hear how this essential macronutrient is feared or avoided. Recently, headlines and some science have elevated the interest surrounding saturated fat with many touting that tried and true recommendations regarding specific types of fat may need to be rethought.