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Festive with Flavonoids: Benefits for Total Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the holidays in full swing around here, I am always looking for ways to “health-ify” my diet as more indulgent foods seem to creep on to my plate. Turns out that a class of antioxidants called 'flavonoids' are just what I am looking for. Flavonoids are a group of bioactive compounds that have been shown to promote cardiovascular, cognitive, and total health. Want to reap the benefits of flavonoids? Fruit such as grapes, pears, citrus, berries, and cherries are full of flavonoids.

Credible Click-Bait? 5 Ways Bloggers Can Communicate Science-Based Information

Flu season, afternoon snacks, your evening workout. It's easy to forget that science is everywhere. It's no longer in the hands of a few people, either. Every blog, tumblr, and Twitter handle communicates about science. How are we all supposed to do that well?

Please Don’t Switch Out Your Vegetable Oils for Lard

If headlines on your Twitter feed are telling you to cook with lard instead of vegetable oil, please don’t listen. Here’s why.

Get Your Fats Straight [INFOGRAPHIC]

Saturated vs unsaturated. Partially hydrogenated vs fully hydrogenated. Monounsaturated vs polyunsaturated. With so many different buzz words circulating around fats, it’s easy to get these terms confused, forget the food sources where they can be found or which types are the most beneficial to health. But worry no more! You don’t have to be fat phobic. This handy infographic spells out everything you need to know about dietary fats and compares the fat profiles of common cooking oils.  


From Foodies to Fitness: 5 Points About Protein You Probably Didn’t Know

While fats and carbohydrates often take center stage in media articles, the third dietary macronutrient, protein, has become somewhat of the forgotten child, often taking a backseat to their more "media-genic" siblings. While there has been increasing attention on protein in headlines and on food labels, there are still plenty of myths swirling about protein, especially in the foodie and fitness communities. So let’s take some time to go through the folklore and bring some focus to the facts.

3 Reasons We're Celebrating This National Pasta Day

vintage-pastaCarbohydrates have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years. Although low-carb diets are gaining in popularity, research has shown that for weight loss, reducing your consumption of calories is more important than restricting carbohydrate content of the diet.

Food Trendwatch: Pleased as Punch for Poké?

Move over ramen, there’s a new bowl-friendly option in town. As a die-hard fan of the hip ramen trend, I was extremely curious to find out more about the latest bowl-centric food. What exactly is poké? Is it nutritious? Are there any concerns about the hottest food fad?


Fat Focused Features [INFOGRAPHIC]

There is so much chatter out there surrounding dietary fats. One headline will tout the need to completely remove fat from the diet while another will plead to bring butter back. This has led to some interesting changes in American perception regarding fats. In the annual International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation 2015 Food and Health Survey, we were able to track Americans’ feelings about health and nutrition, specific to dietary fat.