Agriculture and Food Production

Blog entry | Nov 26 2013

By: Brittany Mountjoy Date: 11/27/13

Press Release | Nov 12 2013

(Washington, D.C.) — What does “energy balance” mean to your mother, brother, sister, friends?

Press Release | Nov 11 2013

Note: The International Food Information Council is proud to support the Alliance to Feed the Future as a founding member.

Blog entry | Nov 04 2013

"There is no sustainability on a farm if there is no future generation to run it." Today, American farmers and ranchers comprise just 2% of the population; a significantly lower percentage than wha

Article | Nov 03 2013

Dietary Fat: The Misunderstood Nutrient

Article | Oct 27 2013

Food colors perform a variety of functions in foods and beverages.  Yet, despite thorough reviews by scientists and regulators and decades of safe use, debate periodically occurs regarding food col