Diet & Health

Continuing Professional Education | May 31 2015
On Wednesday, June 3, from 2 - 3 pm ET, we held the 2015 Food & Health Survey Webcast for Health and Wellness Professionals. Stay tuned for a webinar recording on this page! We discussed: Do Americans perceptions of their own health match up...
Blog entry | May 29 2015
The 2015 Food & Health Survey is hot off the presses and has yielded some surprising results on dietary fats. 3 in 10 Americans have recently changed their opinion about the healthfulness of saturated fat (31%). We followed up with that 31% to...
Blog entry | May 27 2015
 “What’s for dinner?” is a question that has been asked for centuries. But depending on the type of tummies and appetites in your home, the answer may not always be clear.  How should parents of picky eaters tackle dinner or any other meal? Picky...
Blog entry | May 26 2015
How do Americans prioritize their health? Check out the consumer survey data! See how Americans would use extra time and extra money, and how much time they spend on their meals.   Find out more about the 2015 Food & Health Survey here.