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Blog entry | Jan 14 2014
By: Marianne Smith Edge, MD, RD Date: 1/15/14 Marianne Smith Edge delivered the following oral remarks Jan. 14 at the second meeting of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.
Blog entry | Jan 01 2014
By: Marcia Greenblum, MS, RDN Date: 1/2/14 Have you ever wished that "good for you" food tasted as sweet and delicious as your favorite sweet treat? Then you should seek out a persimmon this season. Persimmons are juicy, sweet and vibrantly colored...
Article | Dec 30 2013
Fiber provides a number of health benefits, which makes it worthwhile to fancy up your diet with fiber. Here are the four most important facts you need to know about dietary fiber: What is it? Why is it important?  What are the sources?  How much...
Blog entry | Dec 29 2013
By: Becky Gates & Leigh Tracy, University of Maryland Dietetic Interns Date: 12/30/13
Blog entry | Dec 25 2013
By: Allison Kliewer MS, RD, LD Date: 12/26/13 While shopping for gifts, fighting traffic, attending Christmas parties, making sure all your houseguests have accommodations, and adding an ungodly number of calories to your days by taking one bite of...