Food Safety

Blog entry | Sep 15 2014

Amelia Kermis MPH CHES, Food Safety Education Staff, Food Safety Inspection Service, USDA

Blog entry | Sep 10 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 12:00 PM- 1:30 PM EDT

Blog entry | Sep 10 2014

Ever worry about food poisoning, or keeping food safe? Here are 4 simple steps to making sure your food is safe to eat. 

Blog entry | Sep 05 2014

When my kids were starting the school year, I was always filled with anticipation for them to gain knowledge.

Blog entry | Sep 03 2014

Been hearing some crazy news about caffeine lately? So have we!

Media | Sep 03 2014

Have you ever wondered how your food came to be produced the way it is today? From the field to your table, a lot has changed - and improved - since farming first began, for both farmers and consum

Press Release | Aug 29 2014

(Washington, D.C., Aug.

Media | Aug 29 2014

Kris Sollid, RD and Brittany Mountjoy speak with Liz Caselli-Mechael about tips on packing a lunch that's nutritious, fun to eat, and safe for kids during

Blog entry | Aug 21 2014

By now if you’re like me, you’ve probably had it up to here when it comes to hearing about the risks associated with certain foods.  But there are risks associated with everything we do.  The impor

Event | Aug 19 2014

The International Food Information Council Foundation presents…

Kanny Kitchen: Food Safety Basics for a Hectic Life

Blog entry | Jul 25 2014

Is it really “Sweet to Eat?”

Blog entry | Jul 21 2014

Consumers have long been aware of the relationship between nutrition and health.

Blog entry | Jul 18 2014