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Farm to Fork

From Farm to Fork: Understanding Food Production, Processing & Technology

For Consumers (Are you a Professional?)

There has been increasing interest in the last few years in where food comes from. Initiatives such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food help to connect people with the sources of their food.  However, there are many steps taken for food to move from the farm to your fork. These various steps, known as food production and processing, have been the subject of questions and concerns, as well as criticism and misinformation. This suite of materials, developed by the International Food Information Council Foundation, helps to sort out fact from fiction and highlight many common and long-established food production processes, and the benefits they have for society.

While some processed foods are meant only as an occasional treat, these foods do not represent all processed foods. In fact, there are many nutritious foods that also are processed, which can be a part of a healthful diet.

These resources will provide useful information to answer your questions about processed foods and modern food production. The materials demonstrate how the food supply chain - which includes farmers, food manufacturers, distributors, grocers, food service establishments, and others – is able to bring us a variety of safe, high-quality foods every day that are also tasty, convenient, nutritious, fresh and affordable.

Farm to Fork Handouts:  

What is a Processed Food? You Might be Surprised! (PDF)

From the Farm to Your Fork—What the Food System Brings to Your Plate (PDF)

Your Food … Your Choice (PDF)

Foods to Fit Your Busy Lifestyle (PDF)

Adding Variety to Your Table Throughout the Seasons (PDF)

Additional resources on food processing and production, as well as relevant materials on food safety, technology and nutrition, are available on our website.

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