Sometimes it seems like a food or nutrition study that comes out today contradicts one that came out the day before. Consumers are confused about what to believe, and rightly so. But not all science is created equal. Find out how to look beyond the headline-grabbing claims and judge the science for yourself.

News Bite: Ever Wonder Where Your Food Came From? Find Out With This Great New Video!

Have you ever wondered how your food came to be produced the way it is today?

From the field to your table, a lot has changed – and improved – since farming first began, for both farmers and consumers. IFIC Foundation has produced a new animated video for audiences of all ages (kids will love the animation!) to show you how your food is produced, including how farmers are using the latest technologies to produce more food using fewer resources that is also safe, healthful, and affordable. The video encourages viewers to visit a local farm to learn more about where their food comes from.

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