Newsbite: What's in My Food? Food Issues will continue to be Top-of-Mind in 2013

The world of food, health, and nutrition will undoubtedly continue to be a hot discussion topic throughout 2013 and beyond. After all, everyone has some sort of a strong relationship with food.  However, some food topics may gain more attention than others.

Whether discussing the ingredients in food or how food is produced and processed, people are increasingly becoming intrigued by the question: What’s in My Food?  There is heightened awareness and interest in ingredients, such as sugar and salt, as well as preservatives and additives. will continue to be a comprehensive resource designed to answer those questions about food. Additional topics that will likely garner attention and discussion include the following:

  • Books, books, and more books: Books addressing various aspects of food, including where it comes from, and suggesting what people should and should not consume and why.
  • Food Safety: The risks associated with foodborne illness, “chemicals” in food, animal health, and regulatory changes made by the Food Safety Modernization Act all point attention in the direction of food safety.
  • 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee:  The appointment of the individuals who will serve on this committee, which will continue the dialogue to address “what is the cause of obesity?” among numerous other topics.
  • Nutrition Labeling: An increased emphasis on nutrition labeling will likely be a topic of discussion during 2013. This emphasis will include discussions on fact-based front-of-package calorie and nutrient labeling versus interpretive or “better-for-you” systems. 
  • Food Biotechnology: Despite the failure of California’s Proposition 37, an initiative to label foods produced through genetic engineering, debates continue and additional legislative actions may be discussed.

These are only a few of the hot button topics we anticipate generating discussions in 2013. To get up-to-date insights, follow us on Twitter: @FoodInsight and @IFICMedia; Like us on Facebook: