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Blog entry | Feb 16 2018

In today’s food-centric culture, the phrase “processed foods” gets thrown around a lot. Typically the term carries a negative undertone and sometimes for good reasons.

Blog entry | Feb 15 2018

Registered dietitians and nutrition scientists have a somewhat complicated history of being a bit … well ... critical of the food you may (or may not) be eating.

Blog entry | Feb 14 2018

Following diets or eating patterns is pretty common in the United States, with one in seven Americans reporting that they stick

Blog entry | Feb 13 2018

As we try to incorporate healthier habits into our busy lives, it helps to be more mindful of our food choices. But that doesn’t mean we have to skimp on taste.

Blog entry | Feb 09 2018

I hope that you’re reading this before you decided to throw that new bunch of asparagus directly in the trash can (if not, I’m sorry for your loss).

Blog entry | Feb 08 2018

This is the first installment of a new video series in partnership with Osmosis, a group that focuses on health science education

Blog entry | Feb 07 2018

Ahh, February. The official month of candy hearts, slushy grey weather (at least in DC) and getting real about health goals.

Blog entry | Feb 01 2018

Welcome to the sixth installment of Food Insight’s Build Your Own Series! We are excited to share simple but tasty ways to spice up the healthiness of your favorite foods.

Blog entry | Jan 31 2018

If I were to go out and do a Jimmy Kimmel-esque Pedestrian Question on why fiber is good for us, I’ve got a few guesses on how it would go:

Blog entry | Jan 26 2018

Potassium – how could I live without you? Well, the answer is…I couldn’t. Potassium is essential to life.

Blog entry | Jan 25 2018

Welcome to the fifth installment of our Build Your Own series! We are excited to share simple but tasty ways to spice up the healthiness of your favorite foods.

Blog entry | Jan 23 2018

Here at the International Food Information Council Foundation, we talk a lot about fad diets.

Blog entry | Jan 19 2018

Bone health is extremely important, especially as we age. Strong and healthy bones are supported by micronutrients like vitamin D and calcium.

Blog entry | Jan 17 2018

Every January, we’re told that detoxes, diets, and a new gym membership are the key to a successful new year.

Blog entry | Jan 16 2018

Welcome to 2018, everybody - a time where we can hand-select everything from the ingredients in our fast-casual salad to the patterns we get in our Sock of the Month Club, all from the comfort of o