Acrylamide Resources

Dietary acrylamide is a naturally forming compound that is present in a wide variety of foods; however, it is not added to food as an ingredient. It occurs naturally during the normal cooking process of many starch–rich foods.

Recent media coverage of acrylamide has raised consumer questions, as studies of laboratory animals indicate that very high doses of acrylamide increase the incidence of cancer in certain laboratory studies. However, numerous studies of low levels of dietary acrylamide in humans have not drawn such conclusions.  As the science around dietary acrylamide continues to evolve and regulatory agencies around the globe continue to carefully examine this issue, it is likely that consumer questions will have to be answered. Please view the resources below to help provide credible insights into this emerging issue.

Tony Flood: What is Acrylamide and Why Does it Matter?


Dr. James R. Coughlin: Acrylamide's Impact on Food Safety

Dr. Julie Jones: What Does this Mean for Consumers?


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