American Health Idol: 'Health Reality' Profile Series Pt. 3

American Health Idol: 'Health Reality' Profile Series Pt. 3

This month, we are highlighting three behavior change profiles identified in the IFIC Foundation 2014 Food & Health Survey. Earlier this year, the Survey revealed consumers are increasingly considering healthfulness when purchasing foods and beverages. This growing interest in the healthfulness of foods and beverages is evident of a trend among Americans to improve their dietary habits. In order to further understand consumers’ motivations, additional analysis was conducted to segment the data based on stages of behavior change. This week will focus on American Health Idols, those who have maintained dietary changes for more than a year.
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Who are American Health Idols?

According to the Survey, compared to Health Survivors and Health Apprentices, Idols are:

  • Older, on average
  • Less likely to have children in the household
  • Most likely to disagree that they believe in statements in the media and on product labels about foods offering health benefits
  • Most likely to describe health as excellent or very good
  • Most likely to consider specific nutrients or ingredients when purchasing foods and beverages

Idols are also:

  • Highly influenced by the healthfulness of their food
  • Thoughtful about other issues related to food, nutrition, and physical activity
  • Likely to have increased physical activity in the past two years
  • Likely to use nutrition information when eating out
  • Thoughtful about calories
  • Planning ahead for meals and snacks

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Dear Idols...

Congratulations! You have successfully changed behavior and integrated it into your lifestyle. Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. At one time, you were just thinking about making improvements to your diet. After a little motivation, you took the first step and gave behavior change a try. Now, it’s part of your regular routine. At this point, you rely less on behavior change strategies to maintain your diet and more on your own personal self-confidence.

Many Americans have followed along the same path of behavior change. Over one third (36%) of consumers are classified as American Health Idols. Another 57% are Health Apprentices in the action stage, working their way to where you are now. You can play a supporting role by empowering them to stay the course.

So, as an American Health Idol, your journey is finished, right? Well, not exactly. There will be those times, perhaps when life becomes exceedingly busy or stressful, that you may be tempted to fall back into old habits. Even for the most veteran Idols, relapses can occur. Fortunately, you know what it takes to change your behavior, and there is no relapse you can’t overcome. To get back on track, you can revisit some of the behavior change strategies that initially helped you through the action stage.

Take satisfaction in the progress you’ve made towards a more healthful diet, and continue to stay with it. Be sure to share the quiz, behavior change resources, and Food and Health Survey results with your friends and family to see how they stack up!

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