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Recently, questions have been raised regarding the use of antibiotics in food animal production and the potential risks associated them.

 Animal health is the number one priority for farmers, ranchers, and veterinarians. Each have a number of strategies for maintaining healthy herds and flocks, including working together to create herd health plans. However, animals, like people, can become sick. If farm animals become sick, veterinarians have an obligation to treat those animals and return them to good health. For this purpose, the FDA has approved antibiotics which are available to farmers and veterinarians to ensure the health of food animals.

We have prepared some resources for you to help understand why farmers and veterinarians judiciously use antibiotics to treat the animals used in food production.  For more information about animal antibiotics, visit our Animal Agriculture Resource page.


Media Experts

Dr. Randall SingerDVM, MPVM, PhD, Associate Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Ecology, University of Minnesota

Will Gilmer, Gilmer Dairy Farm 

Keith AyoobEdD, RD, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NYC


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