2014 Food & Health Survey: Behavior Change Consumer Profiles

If your eating and health behaviors were part of a TV reality show, what type of contestant would you be: an American Health Idol, a Health Apprentice, or a Health Survivor? New findings from the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation’s 2014 Food & Health Survey answer this question and provide novel insights into consumer trends about behavior change consumer. 

This month, we are highlighting three behavior change profiles identified in the IFIC Foundation 2014 Food & Health Survey. Earlier this year, the Survey revealed consumers are increasingly considering healthfulness when purchasing foods and beverages. This growing interest in the healthfulness of foods and beverages is evident of a trend among Americans to improve their dietary habits. In order to further understand consumers’ motivations, additional analysis was conducted to segment the data based on stages of behavior change. The Survey asked consumers about 10 dietary behaviors recommended by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and categorized respondents into three groups according to their progress toward behavior change. Find out more about the demographics, attitudes, and behaviors of each profile below.

  • Health Survivors: Those who did not report making any dietary changes, but may be thinking about it.
  • Health Apprentices: Those starting to make at least one dietary change in their lives within the past year.
  • American Health Idols: Those who have maintained dietary changes for more than a year. 

Find out which profile you are! Take the Food Insight "What's Your Health Reality?" Quiz and see how your results compare to the Survey findings. 


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Health Professional Webcast

What strategies can health professional use to empower consumers to change their diet and physical activity behaviors for the better? How can behavioral science enhance the effectiveness of public health diet and physical activity interventions?  Based on the distinct demographic, belief and behavior profiles identified in the IFIC Foundation's 2014 Food & Health Survey, these insights and more will be discussed in the upcoming webinar, "Making Healthful Eating Behaviors Stick: Using Consumer Insights to Identify What Works," on October 28, 2014, 1:00-2:00 pm EDT

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