Bright Papers: Drink Up and Eat Up for Healthy Kidneys

Your kidneys never rest. They're constantly at work filtering extra water and other substances from your blood to make urine.

Your kidneys can't do their job well unless you help them out by drinking lots of fluids every day. Plain old water is great, but drinks like milk, juice and sports drinks count, too. Try to drink a big glass of water when you get up and at least one between each meal. Tote your own drinks in a sports bottle so it's easy to drink enough when you're away from home.

Did you know you can get water from food? Think of juicy fruits like watermelon, oranges and grapefruits. Veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce are clearly watery, too. Here's a surprise: Even foods like cottage cheese, yogurt, baked potatoes, chicken, beef and tuna are mostly water by weight.

Try these recipes that are good for your kidneys:

Blood & Guts Soup

Eye-opening Orange Dream