Foods for Health: Supporting Immune Health

The hustle and bustle of day-to-day life can cause wear and tear on the body. Stress, anxiety and poor nutrition can all take their toll on the immune system, keeping you from being your best. We all want to be everywhere and do everything, so it’s important that we take time out to focus on nutrition, physical activity, and food safety practices that can support our immune health.

Findings from the IFIC 2009 Functional Foods/Foods for Health Survey show 80 percent of Americans believe that foods and beverages can provide immune health benefits. By giving our bodies a little TLC, we can give our immune system the tools it needs to keep us healthy.

Are you doing everything you can do to support your immune system? The International Food Information Council Foundation working in partnership with the nutrition expert and author, David Grotto, RD, has developed a video and resources that provide healthful eating and lifestyle tips that can help support immune health.

You watched the video, now what? Use these resources to incorporate foods, beverages and activities that can support immune health into your daily routine.

Tips and Resources to Help Build Healthy Bodies
Foods for Health: Eating for Immune Health (PDF)
Shopping for Health  (PDF)
Quick Tips to Give Your Diet a Boost
Your Personal Path to Healthy: Steps to a Healthier You (PDF)

Food Safety Resources
Be Food Safe with Win 
A Consumer’s Guide to Food Safety Risks

For Health Professionals
IFIC Foundation Fact Sheet: Prebiotics and Probiotics
IFIC Foundation Fact Sheet: Antioxidants
IFIC Functional Foods/Food for Health Consumer Trending Survey