IFIC at FNCE: Come visit us!

Will you be at the annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) October 18-21? If so, we can't wait to connect with you in Atlanta! Here is a quick tutorial on all the great things we'll have going on, and how you can get involved:

Home Base

Stop by the IFIC Foundation booth #2345 to take our quiz, What’s Your Health Reality? based on our 2014 Food & Health Survey and find out what reality show captures your eating habits. Then step in front of our green screen to get your picture taken in the reality show world, and share your photo online with #HealthReality!

Session 1

Monday, October 20 @ 8—9:30 am for “TRANSitioning To No Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Last fall, the FDA issued a Federal Register notice with a preliminary determination that partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) are no longer ''generally recognized as safe,'' or GRAS. Given this most recent action by FDA, this informative session will answer relevant questions for RDNs and provide a better understanding of the GRAS process, what's in our food, why it's there, and the risks, benefits and challenges associated with removing certain ingredients from the food supply.

Session 2

Tuesday, October 21 @ 12—1:30 pm for “Communicating With Millennials: Are They Listening?

Little research thus far has been able to identify messages that resonate with millennials (young adults ages 20-30) and promote behavior change. This talk will focus on the challenges of communicating with millennials, by understanding their knowledge gaps, unique communication channels and trusted sources. Learn how to successfully communicate energy balance messages with members of this generation to set the stage for the next generation. Excellence in Practice - Dietetics Education: Beverly W. Henry, PhD, RD, LDN.