Keep Your Weight Management Goals on Track in 2011

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(Washington, D.C.) – The new year brings new weight loss goals for many people, but few manage to keep up their efforts to manage their weight throughout the year. The International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2010 Food & Health Survey found that 70 percent of Americans are concerned about their weight status and even more (77 percent) are trying to lose or maintain their weight. 

To help with weight management throughout the year, the Foundation has developed several new resources including a video, “Foods for Health: Managing Your Weight,” produced in partnership with registered dietitian David Grotto, author of “101 Optimal Life Foods.”  In addition to the video, a new referenced brochure, “Finding Balance: Understanding How Calories Work,” provides key insights on how calories, energy balance, physical activity, and portion size can all impact our weight. 

“Many factors play a role in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Eating too much and not exercising enough are largely at play when it comes to weight gain,” says Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, Senior Director of Health and Wellness at the International Food Information Council Foundation.  “The good news is that there are certain foods and beverages that can help us better manage our weight.” 

Foods for happy scales include those that are nutrient-rich and contain fewer calories. Some important tips to remember include the following: 

  • Make Half Your Grains Whole. Try looking for fiber-rich, whole-grain products like certain ready-to-eat cereals, bread, flour, pasta, brown rice, barley, bulgur and oats. Read the Nutrition Facts panel on the package to determine that your choices are indeed high fiber; three grams of fiber per serving is a good start.
  • Vary Your Veggies. Fresh, frozen or canned veggies can add color and fiber to any dish. Plan meals around a vegetable dish like a soup, stir-fry or veggie kabobs.
  • Focus on Fruit. Dried, frozen and canned fruits all count toward your daily fruit intake. When choosing canned fruit, go for water or 100 percent juice-packed rather than syrup-packed cans and plastic containers. Vary your choices and eat a rainbow of colors to ensure that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.
  • Go Lean With Protein. Buy 90 percent lean beef, skinless chicken and low-fat lunchmeat. Fish, beans and soy are also good low-fat protein sources.
  • Fit In Dairy. Serve low-fat or skim milk as a drink at meals. Make a sweet or savory yogurt dip for fruits and veggies. Choose a low-fat cheese stick for a healthful snack.

For more tips and strategies, including how to pick a weight loss program that works, please visit the International Food Information Council Foundation Weight Management Hot Topics page.

The weight management video is the third in the Foundation’s “Foods for Health” series featuring David Grotto.  Videos on Healthy Kids and Families  and Immune Health are available on our FoodInsightTV channel, which features a wide range of videos on food and health topics.  Future “Foods for Health” video topics include digestive health, heart health and healthy aging.

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