MEDIA ALERT: Acrylamide Resources

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Contact Matt Raymond or Jania Matthews at 202-296-6540 or

In anticipation of upcoming research on dietary acrylamide, the International Food Information Council Foundation would like to offer its resources and experts on acrylamide to journalists.  

”Acrylamide has been occurring in food ever since man learned how to cook,” said Marianne Smith Edge, Senior Vice President of Food Safety & Nutrition at the International Food Information Council Foundation. “A number of epidemiological studies that have been published have failed to show a clear association between dietary acrylamide and adverse health effects, including cancer. The benefits of a balanced diet with foods that might include dietary acrylamide far outweigh the risks from acrylamide.”

The International Food Information Council Foundation has several resources on dietary acrylamide including:

In addition, please contact us for a list of experts who are available to talk about acrylamide in food.

Additional resources on food safety are available on our website at