Media Alert: Resources on Childhood Diets & IQ

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For journalists covering the new study on the association between childhood diets and IQ, the International Food Information Council Foundation would like to offer its resources to help put the findings in perspective.

“It is no secret healthful diets from birth promote healthy individuals,” said Marianne Smith Edge, MS, RD, FADA, Senior Vice President of the International Food Information Council Foundation. “It is not how our food is produced that matters, but how we construct a healthful diet from the many choices available to us and our children.”

The International Food Information Council Foundation has several resources, including the new “Understanding our Food Tool Kit” that provide helpful advice on constructing a nutritious diet with a wide variety of foods.  

This suite of materials helps to sort out fact from fiction and highlight many common and long-established food production processes, and the benefits they have for society.

While some processed foods are meant only as an occasional treat, these foods do not represent most processed foods. In fact, there are many nutritious foods that also are processed, which can be a part of a healthful diet.

The “Understanding Our Food Tool Kit” content including a leader guide for communicators was reviewed by leading food science, nutrition and agriculture experts from several major universities including University of California, Davis, Purdue University, University of Delaware, University of Florida, Tufts University and Cornell University.

Additional Foundation resources include:

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